Sunday, April 10, 2011

He Did It Again

Are we even surprised?!?

He is in the spotlight again.  He is the talk of the town not because he did something extra-ordinary or something that anyone would be proud of.  Ooops.  I think I'm speaking too soon...well for him, he is doing everyone a favor, he is doing something that everyone should be proud of.

I will never be able to understand where he draws his arrogance from.  He brags about being able to help the poor because he gives away money.  While everybody knows that it isn't his money and that is another story.  The fact that he comes around town telling poor people to "come to my show and I will give away millions on the condition that you will do things whatever I tell you to do",  that alone is a form of exploitation.  Clearly he is exploiting poor people.  We all know that these people will do anything for a peso.

And when sane people called his attention on what he does or what he did...he dared to slap them with lawsuit.