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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Philippine President's Love Life

I just heard in the news that Pres. Noynoy is appealing to the media to give him the privacy he deserves particularly on his love life.

Being the first and only bachelor Philippine President, the media would always report on his dating.  I personally think and I agree with PNoy that the media should give him the privacy on his love life he deserves.  The media should focus on reporting the things that our President is able and not able to address or solve concerning our economy.

But then again, I was so shocked (or should I even be shocked)  when the media exposed the source of the news on his was no other than his sister Kris.  I vividly remember when Kris promised the public that she will shut up just so she will not ruin her brother's presidency.  And she is doing it again.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

He Did It Again

Are we even surprised?!?

He is in the spotlight again.  He is the talk of the town not because he did something extra-ordinary or something that anyone would be proud of.  Ooops.  I think I'm speaking too soon...well for him, he is doing everyone a favor, he is doing something that everyone should be proud of.

I will never be able to understand where he draws his arrogance from.  He brags about being able to help the poor because he gives away money.  While everybody knows that it isn't his money and that is another story.  The fact that he comes around town telling poor people to "come to my show and I will give away millions on the condition that you will do things whatever I tell you to do",  that alone is a form of exploitation.  Clearly he is exploiting poor people.  We all know that these people will do anything for a peso.

And when sane people called his attention on what he does or what he did...he dared to slap them with lawsuit.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Krist Aquino To Leave The Country If Noy Wins

Remember the episode of The Buzz after the controversial walk out issue of Ruffa Gutierrez?

Sabi ni Kris: “I had dinner w/ Noy tonight after his TVC shoot. He told me ’di raw ba puwede na may quiet Sunday kami? And he asked y sya nada­may when he’s not even part of Buzz. I would like to extend a loving hug to Ruffa. I viewed the tape & altho I still feel I gave my comment w/ af­fection, maybe it made her feel even worse be­cause she’s now moving in a new direction. We had what I be­lieved was a good working rela­tion­ship in the almost 2 years we were together on the Buzz.

“I can also understand that Ruffa’s mom dislikes Noynoy & my family, maybe because of asso­cia­tion & our vocal proclamation of admiration for Ding­dong & his selfless contribution to help Noy’s presidential bid. It is w/ Ruffa that I enjoyed a heal­thy working relationship with & I only have good words to say about her.

“To Ruffa, I sincerely apologize for causing u hurt. My brother Noynoy would like to add that we live in democracy—1 where we r very free to make our own choice for president. Noy told me in any election, we’ll have our share of fervent supporters, and harshes critics. And if u can’t take the heat, then politics isn’t for u.
“As a woman, and as Ruffa’s mom and lola of Lorin & Venice, I respect u tita Annabelle and on behalf of our family I apologize for the distress we caused yours. Hindi po ako mayabang, kaya ako nagpapakumbaba ngayon.

“On a last note, I promised Noy that if he does WIN, and I’m a cause of stress for him & his presidency, I’ll gladly take my 2 boys to live any­where there is TFC so that I can continue to work but w/ our overseas Filipino brothers & sisters. Of course, Noy said—dinner daw ’yun, hindi teleserye ko.”


Manny Villar's Downfall

In a recent news,  Manny Villar concedes to Noynoy Aquino in the presidential race.  There are few apparent reasons he can blame why he lost.

First, he can blame the political ads.  He bombarded the public with his ads and most probably people just got fed up and started to think how much is he spending and how is going to gain his expenses back.

Second, he can blame his endorsers.  His celebrity endorsers, were most likely the most famous in Phil showbiz today - one of whom is Willie Revillame.  Few days before the elections, Willie showed the public his truest form - ARROGANT.  Everybody must have seen and heard how Willie Revillame challenged ABS-CBN management to kick out a showbiz reporter, Jobert Sucaldito for putting him in a bad light in the latter's commentaries / reports.

Lastly, he can blame himself.  Villar faced with several controversies chose not to answer or explain the allegations thrown at him, one of which was the graft charges on C5 extension.  Perhaps, thinking that Filipinos are dumb to just let it pass.

What Is The Latest On Willie Revillame?

I am so eagear to know what is the latest on Willie Revillame.  Did he finally resign?  Was he asked to leave ABS-CBN for his arrogance?

This arrogant creature must be put in a place where he will realize that nobody is indespensible.  He should bear in mind that it is not because of him that people go to the show or even watch the show.  It is the show that people watch not him.  It is because of  the prizes that the sponsors give out that poeople want to be in the show and  not because of him.