Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Philippine President's Love Life

I just heard in the news that Pres. Noynoy is appealing to the media to give him the privacy he deserves particularly on his love life.

Being the first and only bachelor Philippine President, the media would always report on his dating.  I personally think and I agree with PNoy that the media should give him the privacy on his love life he deserves.  The media should focus on reporting the things that our President is able and not able to address or solve concerning our economy.

But then again, I was so shocked (or should I even be shocked)  when the media exposed the source of the news on his was no other than his sister Kris.  I vividly remember when Kris promised the public that she will shut up just so she will not ruin her brother's presidency.  And she is doing it again.

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  1. well,that is not surprising at all!he needs to be less involved with the media,but still must to get closer with the news!there maybe his queen of heart maybe hidding and keep looking it might have make him feel,hey dude!is it real,3060?people have been really turned gone for some thing not really mental connection with me?who am i going to offer me entire gains!what they are gene?or money!well its alll in the news we knew it all the way dont we!FANTASTIC,behaviour!mr president!chaos...