Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Most Self Centered Facebook Shout Out

Last Sept 27, Metro Manila was badly hit by typhoon Ondoy, a lot of people were affected by floods.  People lost their homes, loved ones and properties. 

Facebook, a social networking site suddenly became the venue for volunteerism, rescue and relief.  People posted shoutouts asking for help, some posted pics to let the rest know how badly hit was an area.  People offered prayers thru this site, some people organized rescue and relief operations through their shout outs.  But there is one shout out that caught my attention:

**profile name** a tough choice i had to make. left my house with my mitsu car and sala down with water VS my safety and my rav4. i felt helpless, nothing to do as mother nature gives us a miniscule sampling of the great flood.

This is the most self centered, egoistic and pathetic phrase I have ever seen posted in Facebook.  The phrase does not convey any anxiety on the part of the poster.  He is not really worried on his safety.  If you will read between the lines, the poster wanted to made it known to the public that he has 2 cars. I could not fathom and I don't think I will be able to, how can someone post an entry like this at times like these.