Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Sin or Not A Sin

Here is another interesting or must I say controversial topic/question that anyone could post in Yahoo Answers...

I have a questioin that I have been wondering for a long being bisexual a sin? Why or why not?

Whats wrong with being bisexual and why? Or why is there nothing wrong with it? Is it a sin, why or why not?

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The concept of sin is most closely associated with the Christian faith, so I'm guessing this is also your reference point.

Christianity is adamant about declaring homosexual acts a sin. (They distinguish the state of homosexuality from doing anything that is "homosexual". More on this later.)

In fact, they go so far as calling these acts as "abominations".

Do you know what else the Bible calls "abominations"?

Eating pork.
Eating shellfish.
Cutting your hair.
Wearing gold.
Wearing pearls.
Wearing mixed fabrics.
Taking loans/credit cards.

These are all considered "abominations" in the same chapter from where so-called christians (yes, small c) like to say they ground their belief that "gay acts" are a sin. Yet when all these other "abominations" are brought up, either you get deafening silence from the bigots, or some of them who truly feel smart (in their minds, at least) start saying crap like "You don't understand, in the olden days, these were necessary to keep the tribe of so and so, but now that that's over, we can discard those other things, but NOT the verse about homosexuality, no, no, no, that is definitely still true for today!!!"

Haven't these morons ever heard of the word "context"?

What we have here is a cookie-cutter, pick and choose type of belief that only quotes the parts that align well with their own biases. How convenient.

How idiotic.

Want to hear something more idiotic?

The concept of "loving the sinner, hating the sin".

In their eyes, you can BE a bisexual, but you can't ever have a romantic relationship with another person of the same sex.

Imagine a world where teaching math was outlawed. The analogy would be to tell all existing math teachers "Yes, you can still call yourself math teachers, but you can't teach that subject at all."

Does it make sense to even call yourself a math teacher?

christians (yes, small c again) can't even follow their own rules regarding sin and abominations. They have certainly lost their moral weight to tell people what to do and not do in our personal lives.

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