Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't You Just Hate It

When a boss asks you to prepare a report and when you submit it asks you what is in the report and when you run down what you have just prepared cuts you by saying "I know how to read'?

When a boss asks you to be early for work and he comes to work always almost an hour late?

When a boss calls you on your local line and asks you.."What are you doing?" and "What do you have for me?"?

When a boss asks you to prepare a very important report 30 minutes before lunch break and wants it done 30 minutes after lunch break?

When a boss asks you to work on a Saturday or Sunday because he can't be working because he has to be in his son's school event and he has actually used the same reason twice in one month?

When a boss asks you to rush a report because he needs it in 2 hours and minutes later asks you to drive him to a nearby building because he has to visit a clinic for an annual physical exam, under the guise of discussing the report he needs along the way?

When a boss asks you to conduct a training in a nearby building that he asked you to develop and calls in the middle of the training while you are conducting it to ask if you could come for him in his office to fetch him there and bring him to the training venue, when you know he has a car of his own and knows how to drive?

When a boss calls you to let you know that he is 5 mins away from the office, tells you that he cannot reach his secretary and asks you to ensure that his coffee is ready by the time he gets to his office?

When a boss rushes you to prepare a report, follows it up from you every hour since he needs it very urgently and when you send it to him for his review and comments, it would take him a week to get back to you?

When a boss forwards an email msg to you, calls you and follows up every 15 mins for your reply and when you read the message, it was answerable by "Noted Sir" only?

When a boss meets you thrice a day for a minimum of an hour each and wonders how come you're always late for a deadline?

When you rush to your boss' office because he calls for you to see him in 5 mins and as soon as you get to his office he'd say, " you're 5 mins late" ?

When a boss rushes you to draft a reply memo for him on a particular operational concern, follows it up every 15 mins and when you send it to him, it will take him more than 24 hours to comment on it or sign it off, then you learn from your colleagues that he has been repeatedly consulting them on that operational concern and when he gets back to you, he'd say, "Please put a comma after the word hence" ?

When you officially file for a leave which you have months ago scheduled with the knowledge of your boss to commemorate the death anniversary of your mother, your boss tries to talk you out of it by listing down tasks that need to be done and when you update him that all are done already (at least on your part), your boss pulls out a folder of your previous weekly task list as far as 4 months ago to look for tasks that may still be pending…

When a boss asks you to drop what you were supposed to be working on and change your schedule which he has previously instructed you to work on, to attend to a meeting he himself was supposed to be attending since, according to him, he has to be somewhere to take care of “something”, asks you to wait for him to come back from wherever he was supposed to be coming from… Then later that day, you would learn that your boss just went to the funeral wake of the Former President (with due respect to our beacon of leadership) as a mere kibitzer where he was not even able to get in…

When a boss meets with you to ask for an update on the meeting that he himself should have attended or at least should have attended with you, and did not since he chose to be somewhere else to be a kibitzer, and upon providing him an update tells you “There are so much things to be done, I wish I have enough time at my disposal to do all these…blah blah blah” then ends by saying, “Just let me know if you change your mind in taking that leave”.

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