Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why I Hate Hitting the Gym

I'm a lifetime member of a fitness center for 10 yrs now and in those 10 years, I can still count how many times I have visited my gym....15 times ;-)

I recently went to workout since I have been trying to trim down by eating less and I thought I could go and tone my body this time. I have lost at least 15 pounds for 2 months of eating healthily. I remember my reason for not going in the past, it was because the gym was so cramped up and I had to wait in line just to use the bike or the treadmill. So I went on a holiday, lunchtime. I was so glad to see that I made the right decision. There are a few people only that I had an option paralysis which treadmill to step on. There so many vacant machines.

I stepped on one, the one with a TV monitor, walked slowly to warm up and slowly I increased the speed. As I was enjoying my brisk walk, I heard a yell. Huh? Hah? What's happening? As I surveyed the entire gym, the yell came from a man working out lifting weights. He is being spotted by another man. These 2 men are in their tight tank tops. Both have nice toned bodies. These 2 caught my attention, so what the heck, for entertainment purposes, I watched them as I do my stationary brisk walking. Then it dawned on me, are these two gays? I think they are!!! And they are hitting on each other!!! "Dude, you have nice biceps.", the other would reply, "Thank you bro, you have nice abs". Huh? Hah? Am I in a gay bath house or what? These two would pump some weights and after each reps, they would face the mirror, compliment themselves, take a pose and compliment each other. OMG!!! Such narcissists!!! They are the only people making noises in the gym and that noise that they are creating are, "Dude, nice pecs", "Bro, how's my hamstring", blah, blah, blah.

I finished my 30 minute treadmill walk, finished by doing some body toning exercises. Spent 1.5 hrs working out.

As I hit the shower, I remembered my other reason for not going to the gym. I really find it irritating to hear and see narcisistic remarks and moves. "Dude, look at my abs, aren't they great", "Yeah bro, they are great. Aren't my pecs, firm?"

Arrrggghhh!!! Girls! Go get a room !!!

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