Friday, October 23, 2009

Eating in a Fast Food

I am a fan of eating out in fast food chains. For some reason or another, no matter how hard I try to eat healthy, I would always have a craving for those fried chicken or burger or fries.

In my many cravings, I would go to the KFC outlet in Sen Gil Puyat corner Chino Roces St in Makati City since I live and work within the area. Depsite this vow I made to myself that I SHALL NEVER visit that particular outlet anymore because over their insanely slow service. So I went since I have to satisfy a craving and so I could bring some for my partner as well. It was an hour past midnight, I told myself at least their service will be a lot faster this time since there are only a number of customers. I was the only one ordering. I was so happy that in a matter of minutes I will be able to devour that chicken burger and fries. In my disgust, it took the crew to take my order for more than 15 minutes. I will never be able to understand this policy of KFC requiring their crew to take orders and not allow them to jot down in paper what your order was. They will simply stare at you, try to listen ( "try" being the operative word) and remember your order. As expected, there are errors in the order and you had to repeat your order.

Another thing I noticed is that, the person who took my order, got the fries, took the burger, gave tissue and placed it in my tray is the same person who is doing the cashiering and handling money. Flashback!!! Weren't we taught in school, in TV ads, by our parents that handling money can transmit millions of bacteria? That Safeguard TV Ad played in my mind. I talked to the manager about it and all he can mutter was, "We ensure that our staff maintain good hygiene and sanitation". Huh? Hah? What hygiene is he talking about? In my 15 minutes encounter with the food handler / cashier. I never saw her wash nor sanitize her hands before handling the food she placed in my try. She took my order, took my money, gave me my change, she handled the food and assembled it in my tray. That's all I saw. I never saw the hand sanitation thing.

So I decided to cancel my order. I went home frustrated. Frustrated because of the slow service, the sanitation thing and most of all, THAT GREASY FINGER LICKING BURGER AND FRIES I NEVER HAD. Was it pride? Was I being OC? Should have I just given in to my craving, even if in my mind there's this soap ad which graphics of germs and bacteria playing in my mind?

Back home, I drowned myself with the ever reliable instant noodles (Lucky Me pancit canton - the best), hotdogs fried in butter and Coke in can. Shared it with my ever supportive partner ;-)

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  1. yup KFC's dine-in service is so bad even the delivery service