Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surprisingly Good ;-)

I learned from a cooking show how to make a pumpkin soup and tried it myself. It was good the first time I did it. My partner and I actually loved it. We had pumpkin soup for several dinners, just pumpkin soup, since we were both trying to trim down. As I desired for variety of the soup, I started experimenting on what to put in the soup on top of the basic ingredients. I tried hard boiled egg. I tried putting a little curry powder. It was still good. Then a weird thought came, instead of cream, I put milk, then I added oatmeal less the curry powder. I thought of the adding oatmeal since an aunt, who worked in the Middle East for 2 decades, once taught me to make a tomato soup with oatmeal. I didn't really like the taste but I must say it is an acquired taste. Some might find it good.

Back to the pumpkin soup. Just thinking about it, we thought the taste would be very very weird. To my surprise, it was good. In fact, it must be really good since my partner liked it so much and he is very picky and choosy on food. Let me just share how I did it ;-)

For the ingredients, we will need the following:

Garlic / Onion
Olive Oil
Milk ( I preferred powdered)
Pumpkin (cubed)
broth cube

Now for the simple procedure:

Heat the olive oil and saute onion. Add salt to taste, then add the garlic. Add the cubed pumpkin. Add water and broth cube then allow to boil until pumpkin is tender. Gather the pumpkin and blend in a blender for a course consistency then put it back to the pot. Add the oatmeal and the milk. Simmer for a few minutes.

Enjoy ;-)

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