Thursday, October 22, 2009

Celebrity Endorsers

Almost a week ago, I saw this new TV commerial of Smart. I felt so disgusted!!! Sharon Cuneta is the new endorser of Smart. Rememeber, she used to be the endorser of Globe? Remember that TV Commercial where there was a blue lace connecting her to the person at the other end of the line who supposedly was abroad? That was the time when KC, her daughter went to Paris to study. For so many years she was the endorser of Globe. What could really be the reason for her to endorse a competitor this time? Is the reason really because she truly believes in the services of Smart?

I also recall Sharon endorsing Alaska, a milk product. But now, she is endorsing Nido, a competitor. Or was it the other way around? See, now I'm confused. She also used to endorse Eight O' Clock juice drink, then there was Del Monte Pinapple Juice. Again, a competitor.

In one of her interviews about being one of the most sought after edorser, she said, she endorses a product only because she really believes in the product. But is it really that or is it who can pay the most talent fee? Where is the integrity on this endorsement or should we say, where is the intergrity of this kind of celebrity. Come to think of it, actors are paid to act. This is what they do best, ACT. They act to make you believe in something. They act to make you believe that a person can have powers and fly. They are paid to do that. If they are not paid, they won't act.

This is precisely why politicians or even newscasters are not supposed to be endorsing products or be seen in TV and Print Ads. To appear on TV or Print to endorse a product, one is paid. Paid to say something good about a product so people will believe and buy the product. Imagine seeing a law-maker endorsing skin care center. What does that tell you? He is paid to say something good about that center so people will avail of its services. It goes without saying, that he can be paid, for the right amount of course, to say anything or do anything. Just imagine what else he can do if he is paid for the right amount. Imagine a news reporter being paid to endorse a detergent. Imagine what else she will say or do for the right amount. Can you still believe the words that come out of her mouth knowing that she be paid to say anything, as in anything at all?

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  1. Exactly. As I have always intimated about politicians appearing in TV shows (Bong Revilla comes to mind, I think his show is Kap's Amazing Stories, or something like that), how can we trust anything these people say if they are paid to do it?!?

    And don't give me crap about "I donated m fee to charity" (or some other shite). You were still paid, maybe if you're rich enough (like Sharon), you can definitely give away that money for flood victims, but the public exposure she got is priceless.

    As with all media, recognition and name recall are the currencies most sought after. No wonder the worlds of showbiz and politics are intertwined in this country...well, the world is starting to emulate the Pinas, anyway.

    Makes me wonder why I still love this country, daggumit!