Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arrogant Braggart

I saw this shout out post from a social networking site - Facebook, the shout out goes :  "Just finished washing my two cars and my two bathroom with bath tub...".  If you will just read this post, there seems to be nothing wrong about it.  Hey, people do that all the time, they post things - whatever comes to thier minds.  But if one will go through his profile, you would realize that the profile owner is an arrogant braggart.

Why?  His posts were mainly focused on 2 things:  Arrogance and Hatred.  There was one post that really irked me.  He posted: "My monthly tax return is higher than the annual income of most people".  So, if we will have to have to read between the lines in his post about cleaning, he wants the whole world to know that he has two cars and he has a relatively big house that has 2 bathrooms with bathtub. 

I wonder how can someone be as arrogant...

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