Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vicky Belo on Hayden Kho: 'I was addicted to him'

by Fionna Acaba
February 25, 2010 10:55 AM

Dra. Vicky Belo made headlines once again when she made a surprise appearance at her ex-boyfriend Hayden Kho's arraignment at the Public Hall of Justice last February 23. She previously promised as a New Year’s Resolution last January that she will not be seeing Hayden Kho for five months. "Nakaka-miss talaga because he was also my best friend. I feel so guilty. I missed him and I showed support lang and I was curious of how he looks, he looks like an F4 (Taiwan's famous boy band), ang gwapo pa rin, e." According to the doctor, this is one of her New Year's resolutions to test if their love for each other is for real or not.

Vicky Belo also admits that she became really attached to her ex-boyfriend because of the closeness they had when they were still together. The meeting yesterday somehow made her realize what her weakness is. "Hindi na ako magpro-promise kasi napapahiya ako. Kasi I found out in a way I was addicted to him because (before) I saw him every single day and so when I was there naputol yung hinahanap mo yung tao. Ako kasi (when I am in a relationship) parang aso na kailangan lagi i-pat." But after what happened, Vicky made a promise again that she will not see Hayden for three months, until the latter's birthday on May 20.

Lolit Solis, Vicky's friend who stood by her during the height of the issue on the sex video scandals, admits that she was disappointed when Vicky was not able to control herself. "Wala na, hindi na mapipigilan."

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