Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Willie Revillame Wants Jobert Sucaldito Kicked Out of ABS-CBN

I recently saw in the news an upset and mad Willie Revillame threatening ABS-CBN that he will resign if it does not kick out Jobert Sucaldito, who reported or commented about Willie's show featuring youths with low grades.

Sucaldito who was doing his job as a radio commentator, commented that Willie should instead feature and highlight students with high grades so young people would follow and be inspired if they wish to have a chance in TV.

I really feel that Willie's call to kick out Jobert is uncalled for and over-bearing of him.  Who does he think he is???  Does this mean that none of the people in the network should talk about him if it puts him in a bad light, just because his show has high ratings?  Willie should bear in mind that his show is being followed by many not because of him.  It is being watched only because he gives away big cash prizes, prizes from the sponsors and not his.  When he was away and out of Wowowee, the show went on, people still went on to watch it and people still tried to be in it hoping they win or bring home some cash.  It makes me wonder what he can possibly do if he is indeed in power or in a position of authority!

ABS-CBN should not allow any of its talents to manipulate them or black mail its managment, so to speak.

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